Congratulations on your engagement!

So you’re officially engaged! Congratulations! We're thrilled for you! But oh my gosh, where to start? Ok, first up you’re going to update your status on Facebook… and set up a dozen Pinterest boards of wedding inspo. And tell anyone else and their dog the exciting news!

 So now comes the exciting bit! Where will you celebrate your special day? Village hall? Stately home? Castle? Local hotel? But be honest, do you secretly hanker to escape to a warm Mediterranean island where the intense blue of the sky is matched by the azure sea? The pure romance and adventure of flying off to a sun-kissed destination is hugely appealing. But many people are deterred by the thought of arranging everything in a different country.


For a start, it's not easy to check out venues from home, let alone negotiating prices in another language. How to find and line up all the suppliers you are going to need to create the wedding of your dreams? And no matter how much you'd like to cram in a dozen weekend breaks in Mallorca, it's probably not realistic.

This is where having a wedding planner comes in extremely handy! We know Mallorca inside out. We have 350 wedding venues on our books and over the last 11 years, we've organised hundreds of weddings of all sizes and in every possible type of location. We have built up the best range of contacts you can imagine, from florists to hair and make-up artists, photographers, caterers, furniture hire, musicians, wedding transport- you name it, we can arrange it for you. Hot-air balloon trips for your guests? No problem. White doves? Done! Vintage car? Absolutely! As well as our trusted suppliers, we keep a good eye open for new talent too so we can bring you new services and providers too.

We help you every step of the way, from finding your dream venue, booking your wedding celebrant, providing you with menus and entertainment options, costing up flowers, chairs, parasols and chill-out furniture to arranging coach transport to get your guests back to their hotels, sorting out your dance floor and DJ, commissioning your dream cake- and more!

We help with your wedding budgeting too and provide you with regular spreadsheets so you can keep track of costs. And we charge a flat fee for our services so that you know right from the start what you will be paying for the planning.

We know if can be intimidating to get things moving and we bet you have a whole bunch of questions, so why not give us a call or drop us a line and we can tell you more?

Our numbers are +34687934707 and +34653608189 Email here



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