A three-location wedding and a very unusual church!

It's been another exciting week, with a recce for one of our May weddings. This takes place at one of the island's most unusual churches. Although it's called 'the New Church', it looks distinctly Gothic. In fact, it was designed by a disciple of Antoni Gaudi and building started in 1905. But it was abandoned just over 20 years later due to high costs. It now makes an unusual and delightful open-air location for a wedding.

After the ceremony, our couple and their guests will walk a few steps to the pretty local square where they will enjoy cava and canapes. Then, they'll go to a lovely little restaurant near the beach for light refreshments and photographs. As the evening falls, they'll move on to one of our favourite venues with wonderful sea views. This will be decked with fairy lights and flowers as the setting for their evening meal and party. Magical!

0_0_0_0_250_187_csupload_36092057Son Severa square

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