An ethereal wedding setting

The weather was truly gorgeous for this week’s three-day wedding. Our couple made their base in a beautiful finca hotel in the north-west of the island, with spectacular views over mountains and valleys.  The festivities started with a welcome party there for the 100 guests. Two huge paella pans had been set up on the terrace and gradually delicious smells began to waft across the garden. Things could hav20160701_184334e gone on well into the early hours but we had arranged for buses to take guests back to their hotels at midnight so that everyone was fresh for the wedding day.

Son Marroig, a historic finca with a lovely white temple set on a promontory over the sea, has some of the most spectacular views on the whole island. The pure white temple standing majestically at the tip of a cliff, creates a magical, ethereal atmosphere with the sea beyond.

The temperature had soared into the low 30s during the day and as the wedding hour approached, the guests were greeted in the old cobbled courtyard of the old finca with rustic glass water dispensers set on a rustic table dressed with luscious fruit, vintage fruit crates and trailing ivy.

For this wedding (continuing the trend for large bridal groupings!) there were seven lovely bridesmaids and seven super-smart groomsmen. The sun looked amazing as it bathed the white temple in late afternoon light creating a brilliant setting for the ceremony.20160701_184421

After our two grooms had exchanged their vows, cava and canapés were served in the shade of the garden. Meanwhile, we had set up the wedding dinner on the wide terrace at the foot of the finca walls and our super-chef and his catering team were busy in his pop-up kitchen. Huge floral displays brought a combination of elegance with a touch of rusticity lent by the hessian runners. The English and Scottish roots of our couple were reflected in the cream roses, lilies and thistle-like eryngiums in the table displays. Each table had the name of a gin brand in a pretty wooden frame, and each was surrounded by an array of gin miniatures with name labels. Guests first located their name on a bottle, before making their way to their respective Gordons, Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks tables. Meanwhile, our catering guru had created delicious sharing plates which always work brilliantly well for a relaxed Mediterranean celebration.


As night fell, guests sat back from a wonderful dinner and fairy lights and candles lit the terrace. Our couple’s first dance took place in the most romantic setting imaginable as the silvery moon rose over the sea.

The next day, everyone gathered for a delicious buffet lunch and beach party at one of our favourite restaurant with views over a sheltered bay and mountains beyond.



Decor inspiration!

This week we’ve loved the gin miniature theme which worked perfectly for the table names and guest groups for this wedding.

And we’re also totally smitten with the rose and eryngium 20160701_195712look –a perfect way to reflect the English-Scottish origins of our couple.


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