Floral inspiration


Succulents have definitely having a moment! I’m a big fan of these resilient plants with their array of unusual shapes and forms. But I must admit that I couldn’t quite see how they would work in a buttonhole or mixed with roses, ivy and olive branches. In our May Bank Holiday wedding however, they turned out to be the stars of the floral show. Here, they decorated a courtyard well, made perfect table settings and truly original buttonholes for groom and Best Man. These blue-grey rosette forms in conjunction with the darker greens and creams of the roses and ivy made a perfect contrast - and there was no danger of them wilting in the sun.



Jam-jars filled with flowers are as popular as ever this year. We’re dressing them in lace, using them as pew ends, hanging them in trees and grouping them on dinner tables. One of their great attractions is their flexibility- they can be used singly or in trios and quickly moved from ceremony to canapé reception and then to dinner tables to make flower budgets stretch to the max. With the addition of lanterns, mirrors or mercuried tea lights, they can create a brilliant range of looks from rustic to formal.



Our shepherd’s hooks are already in great demand. The sturdy white metal structures are simply pushed into the ground to make an instant outdoor aisle. Then, each one is hung with tiny vases of flowers to make a perfect ceremonial space in almost any setting.

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