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Mallorca has churches in abundance, from its soaring and majestic cathedral to the richly-embellished churches found in every town and village. And it has many tiny hermitages and chapels, tucked away in the grounds of its historic fincas too. Rich in history, they create an atmospheric and spiritual setting for your Mallorca wedding.

A clifftop church and mountain finca wedding

The beautiful warm autumn weather continued and our wedding in early October was blessed with brilliant blue skies and sun. The only hint of autumn was the earlier sunset. Our couple have been together for over ten years. Now, they wanted to bring all their friends and family together in Mallorca to celebrate as they…
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Having it all- three brilliant settings for this May wedding!

One of our May weddings took place at three different locations, giving guests a perfect opportunity to enjoy several different facets of the island. The celebrations began the evening before with a relaxed welcome dinner in the chilled-out setting of a simple beach restaurant on the east coast of the island. Here, a wooden boardwalk leads…
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