Venue 294 – Son Veri

VENUE 294 – STYLISH FINCA SON VERÍ – Huge courtyards and salons make celebrating easy in great numbers at the elegant Finca Son Verí. One of the island's top caterers rules here exclusively, just a few kilometres from the city life in Palma. The finca is ''new'', and we are just getting our bearings there, but there are several pretty areas around the estate where ceremonies can be held.


Location: East of Palma

Budget: Medium to Large

Outside there is a huge space for welcome set ups, ceremonies and all sorts of car arrivals. Through the huge entrace, an initial patio courtyard lends poise to the beginning of the celebration. A marvellous place for early cocktails could be served! The large adjacent salon for entertainment, with chequered floors and arches, signals great elegance. Not one, but two courtyards for outside dining, ensure plenty of room for many happy guests. The top catering onsite is a huge added plus!

Number of event guests: Up to about 400 guests

Decoration, catering, flowers, planning etc provided by us