The Ceremony



Getting married in Mallorca is easy with our help!

  • The easiest way, favoured by most couples, is to get the legal documents organised in their home country and then to have their emotional ceremony and celebration with friends and family in Mallorca.
  • Catholics can marry legally in Spain, provided that their local priest supplies the local church with the right paperwork. We can help, as this can be complicated without local assistance!
  •  You can  also get civilly married in Mallorca if you are residents. 

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The simplest option, open to everyone, is to have a blessing ceremony. Before this, you should have a simple civil ceremony in your home country. The blessing in Mallorca is your emotional wedding day and the day you will continue to remember and celebrate for years to come.  



You can have a church blessing through the English-speaking Anglican Church in Mallorca. They offer “The Sacrament of Marriage” service where you make your vows and say “I do”. A marriage certificate is issued and your marriage will be registered in the Chaplaincy register of Holy Matrimony.

If you are Swedish or Norwegian you can get legally married in Mallorca through the Swedish and Norwegian churches in a location of your choice. We can help you arrange this and liaise with the churches on your behalf.


We work with very experienced wedding celebrants who offer especially-tailored ceremonies and incorporate your choice of readings and music into the ceremony to make it truly special and personal to you.


The photograph below is of one of the Jewish wedd1469447295-1126--0-363-272-csupload-51977827ings we have organised  with a chuppah.  Mallorca has a synagogue, but the rabbi lives in Jerusalem and is rarely in Mallorca.  However, we can organise a Jewish cantor who can be flown in to hold the wedding ceremony.




Same sex couples can have a legally-binding ceremony if one of you is a Spanish citizen. If neither of you is a Spanish resident, you can still come to Mallorca and have a spiritual union. This could also follow a civil ceremony at home if this is legal where you live.

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