Mallorca Wedding Planners is part of Magicmed Agencia de Eventos, a wedding planning and event agency in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Our address is Calle Bonaire 19, 1 izquierda, 07012 Palma .

We have fifteen years of wedding and event planning experience and know Mallorca, its venues and people very well indeed. We work with trusted suppliers to bring you high quality at good prices. We put all our passion and expertise into planning your wedding and steer you through the cultural differences in fluent Spanish.

Charlotte von Proschwitz is a wedding planner with fifteen years experience of organising weddings and events in Mallorca. Charlotte has a background in international journalism and has also planned events in New York. She is fluent in Swedish and French as well as Spanish and English, she and her team assist you in all aspects of creating your dream wedding.

Selena Garfield is a wedding planner who has worked with events and weddings for more than 10 years, mainly in Mallorca but also in Austria. Selena was the events manager at Mood Beach Club near Puerto Portals before joining Magicmed- Mallorca Wedding Planners full time in 2018. She grew up on the island and speaks Spanish, Mallorquin and English fluently.

Jessenia Ramirez Veintimilla is a wedding planner with a lot of experience from the restaurant sector. She is an entrepreneur who has run her own successful business. She loves painting and decorating. A woman of many talents, she is also experienced in computer programming and book-keeping. She speaks Spanish and English fluently.

You can email Charlotte, Selena and Jessenia by clicking here. Arrange a phone or video chat to discuss your wishes and how Mallorca Wedding Planners can help you.

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With our extensive range of contacts, we can take care of everything including decoration, flowers, make-up, hair, photography, entertainment, bands, DJs, pre-wedding and day-after parties. 

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